The noneties




Here are some of my lyrics written or refurbished in the 90's

Welcome to a period of wars, boredom, third promised end of the Disco era, beginning of the grunge six months of real life.
At least those were the years we definitely got rid of hair metal, on that day Bon Jovi realised he was better in movies...


FINAL SONG 1992/07/07

Is it so?
Is it life just a drill, a poor message without a clue?
Is it so?

When I promise a disaster I can't be wrong for long,
When I can see news on TV I feel the blade white in my brains,

And I can't bear these dreams again,
those stars around are lies for proles...

Then I look back in time, it was quite good but it is gone.

I'm losing my time!

Is it so?
Is it life just a bore, a lone sleepwalk without any dream.
Is it so?

I prophecy treacherous wars, and they won't be long to be lost.
So I can see walls crying our shame, and trees again to burn in vain.

And I can't stand to live my hate,
those hearts to bleed they lead my tears.

Then I figure out time to come, it would be good but it will fail.

I'm losing my time...

I believe we are all criminals.
And it starts at the point we don't want to see people around.


SILENCE! ~1992/3

Poor old man driving trucks on the road so far
Dumb old ears and brains, crying in the rain
Screaming for Silence!

Ragged old people tracin' poundin' just suffering.
Troubled minds and dreams washing down the drain
Wishing it'd stop.

Universe is such a mess, as we give our power to the stupid.
These lands, our lands, are now but a game for these bloody sharks.

And dreams, our dreams we used to have
Are now just a video, a video,
Or a picture built on ashes stolen from
The memories we mindlessly trade...

Poor old girl tryin' a ride on this road of killers
Swamped poor ears and brains swollen in blood.
Screaming for Silence!

Dark forgotten tombs turning to rot just dyin' again and again
Jagged eyes and dreams exposed to lie in vain
Sighing it'd stop

Universe is such a mess, as we give our power to the stupid.
These lands, our lands, are now but a game for these bloody sharks.

And dreams, our dreams we used to have
Are now just a video, a video,
Or a picture built on ashes stolen from
The memories we mindlessly traded...

 Silence !...

INFECTED! (circa 89-90, one foil dated 1989/06-07, another 90/6)

Have you ever been alone in the crowd at a party,
Experienced to talk to strangers to feel warmth,
Given your body for a nickel to feel someone's there
( I know it's a fake but don't go, please STAY!
I need you again and again tonight...)

Lord I feel only void all around and my wits are goin' out
Love, I really need someone here who maybe listens...
And someday I'll find a something to believe in and
someone to give my faith to and I'll believe Oh I'll believe!

Have you felt the cold lethal rain of a pitying smile
And the ice and hail and thunder and crash of a mite!
But the beast in you will tell the tale in the end by the tail
And your face thru the glass looking inverted perverted INFECTED!

They're all watching you, INFECTED!

Does it hurt?

GRANDER ~1991/07

It is not only the way we save our souls,
nor the dreams we make or the songs we write.
And it is not only that we are believers
nor that we are awaken sleepers and no bed.

Still not only the life we run with the lines we draw
And not at all the mistakes we plan to do and do not.

It is not then that we just stroll a while and die,
nor the idea we'll live again or the prayers we sing,
nor the gods we imagine or the lords we beg,
nor the words we desire or the deeds we achieve.

It is only that we stand here, then vanish.
It is only there we so, seem and act grander.

QUEEN OF LITE 03/07/91

Queen of Light had a love affair with the Jake of Spikes.
And King of Nights was in helpless trial with Knight of Clouds.
Passion and weapons were to take the lead in the Crimson Court
Still on the borders death by fire was taking toll.

Run, for your world is cracking,
Run, for the empress's crying.
Hide, hide away from your stars.
When the stars are falling heads are to be low...

Queen of Light had a fucking love affair with the Jake of Spikes.

CHAIN SMOKER 1991/01/08

She was a chainsmoker, rock-bottom roller
Big legged thrasher, heavy headed singer
Playing the nightride strain...

She jacked in a band, a metal pedal pusher
String hell crasher, damned head banger
Stinging blues in your brain...

And the time came she was famous
Ten times more venomous
Than your dirty brat in his room.

And the time was she was greedy
Ten times more sleezy
As your dirty brat left aloose.

She was a streetfighter, candy rock eater
Big jugs loader, heavy bottom mover
Chewing your balls in her voice.

She jacked in a band, a metal pedal pusher
String hell crasher, damned head banger
Stinging blues in your brain...

COLD CITY 1990/07/03

I was born in a Cold City of a Northern land
I was raised by Ladies of the Highest breed.

My Lords were mighty, cold grace in their blood.
The Land was shaking, we sang and we fought.

We had to rest for the night on the hill
and the fire in our eyes was cold blue
We were to find ennemy by surprise
and the blood that we shed was cold steel...


We had to fight for the rest of the night
and our blood on the ice turned to blue.
All of the dead will lead glorious dance,
Will I tonight find the path of the Lords?




So far, and back in your sullen dreams for now on.
Out, spaced, lost, out you run into the deep forest.
Craving, and your bones hurt, for the trees are so narrow.
Eyes, you can see them, eyes starving.
Staring at yours.
Wild bears aloose.

Beating, slashing in your sunken dreams just now on.
Lost, far out, banging your head on ghostly trees.
Craven, these are your bones you hurt in your narrow brains.
Lies, you can't count them, lies standing.
Standing for you.
Bad dreams, aloose.

That far, right back in your broken cells, now off.
Gone, lost aims, losing yourself in ghastly mists.
Crying, then are your brains fearing the thuth would be
Cries, you can't hear them, cries growing.
Giving birth to you...
Sad scenes inside !

Cries growing, giving birth to/for you !


Sparks they start to dart
Ignition close to upright
Mangy lovers in purple rooms
Waiting for the the countdown
Time bursts
Hell hounds
In mists so grey...
Jagged lines.
An ancient privileges foils

Dark sparks start to dart
Ignition close
To up right
Mangy lovers in purple rooms
Waiting for the the countdown
Hell hounds aloose
In mists so grey...
A jagged line.
An ancient privilege,

Sound in rage
And rage is blood
Fire crawls fingered strings
So cold
Then , black is the veil

In the dark
in the dark
in the
Dark Design.

Crying Ship ~1992

I can see your tears in the eyes of the dying star
I can feel the Ship thru the voids still leading her pace
Would you realize that her race was not of our size
How would you reckon to rot in space in such a cold flame

In space, so far...

Remember the time we were heroes of the human race
And planet Earth was the pride of the living Lords
Just video games keep a trace of these glorious lines
Some slags in dark clouds are the veil for our mourning souls.

In space, so dark so far...

When gliding in the night in the end we found the grace
This star in the hole crying songs to the end of space
Within a short year she burnt her soul in million rhymes
We taped in the base, last record to her loneliness

I still see your tears in the eyes of the dying stars
And still is our Ship Hyperspeed thru the ages of Universe
Would you realize that our race will never end
How would you reckon to die alone for such a long time...

NIGHTFATE 1989/11/09

Living in the streets, dying colours
won't make up losing
Faces behind walls, waitin' morons,
so many hours for Nightfall...
so many hours 'til Nightfall.

Losers, dealers meet, flyin' powder
won't make up bleeding
Noses of cryin' whores.Black ties, red bricks.
So many walls on the-
Way to help your booze. Empty ballrooms,
don't you like dancing ?
Lazin' in the streets, darkness for you,
so many hours of nightshade.
So many hours in Nightshade.

Honey, if you find it hard... Lordy, if you believe it's cruel...
Dolly, if you think it's mean. You should try to find a way !

Pushers, hustler street, teenage prossy
won't fix up dying
Pricks of golden boys, smart ties, red eyes,
nobody want of their
Style. Losers street, falling city
agonizes holding a
Shinin' razor blade, razor in you,
so much blood in your fade...
So many blood for your fate.

Honey, if you find it hard... Lordy, if you believe it's cruel...
Dolly, if you say it's insane. You should try and find a way !


LEAVING NOW 1990/10/30

It is a very old story the world bears since its beginning.
Just a question of love and life, nothing more than this you know.
She is leaving now, leaving now, leaving, leaving me!

I know, I know, I know we all have our share in dues to pay.
All I can do but whining is wishing you'll have the same in time,
But in time, just in time, your time, not Time's time.
But in time, just in time, your time, not Time's time.

There is no reason for me to cry but I do,
There are no reasons for life to stop but I feel
One minute is the more I could stand
If no one out of the unknown blue buy me a drink.
So go for it stranger, go and gimme a sign,
And maybe Time would pay us a merry-go-round...


StarTriX ~1991/03

Long time no see
Into space we march on
Forever in Time...

Feeling so much the same
As you call his name
We'll come home again
Let me come into you, into you, into, you.

Crying for love in vain
When you leave me lame
We'll come hard again
Let me come into you, into you, into, you...

Long time no see
Into space we march on
Forever in Time...

Living in a space cell
Can do do things to sex
When the circuits burn
Please turn it to zero
Around me,
Around you
Into you.

Jiving in a spacelab
May add up to love
When the rockets roar
So many into you
All in you
Just for you
Into you

Long time no see
Into space we march on
Forever in Time!

ISLE OF THE DEAD. 1990/05/05

Here, in the Isle of the dead where the mists slowly rise
And the waters turn to ice, then the chill turns to spike
While you cry, in the Isle of the dead.

Born the stars in your hand, off an Earth King taken,
In your eyes lived so many wars, battles won...
But your gaze turns to haze and you know you are to die...


DARK IS THE SUN 1993/02/22

Another planet to die, spaceship reports nine;
Shadow is moving fast, will Sun collapse to coal.
Sabre-tooth tigers turn and moan wild at the moon;
These snakes are stiff, with ice-blue shedding eyes.

Dark is the Sun, will children turn to stone?
Dark is the Sun, will children turn to stone?

Oh, come the night, when the stars are all out to shine...

Dark is the Sun, will our children turn to stone?

Another planet to die, spaceship reports nine;
Shadows are moving fast, Iron the Sun becomes.
Tiger-headed lions crawl and then fall in the doom;
These snakes are clouds, with ice within their veil.

I look at the Moon and it's just too clear,
Tonight will be filled with blood.
Journeys to the Ancient Rome...
In the depth of the mind rests a Killer!

And, tonight we'll see the shadows'll have a grip upon our Fate...


STRANGED 1992/04/21

Strange feelings were dreams tonight,
Strings so cold, wide like in space...

Well, it sometimes happens.
Oh, it always happens, to me.

Like in space, lost, no grace.
See your mind, your disgrace.

Strings so cold, dreams so old.
And your face you look again with distate
cause you know you've been wrong all the

Line... And so you die again, again!

Strange death overture plays again and again and again.
And so you die, again, again!

Strings death overture plays again and again and again.

Strange feelings were
in my dreams tonight, TONIGHT!


This one is tricky nicky, with a baby face...
That one's baby brains, and leather lace...

This one is movin' like a lizzard on dope,
that one is lookin' like a chameleon at dawn...

I never ever met them before, for sure I
Never ever met my end a-fore.

One dated me for 6 to 6 and I
Dated one for 6 past 6...

Just to see... I'm gettin'
High and I enjoy the Show !
Double blind date---

I love when she smiles and tries to be rude...
I love the laughs when she slaps my face!

Turned me hot but she bade me the glance
Tried to keep cool and they made me at once!

I never had this bind before, I swear I
Never ever knew my bounds a-fore, but

Next time I blind date I try to make sure
To have another double blind double blind blam!

Just to check!


Far away, Void is the word for Life,
In our spaceship we quest;
To some foreign sun we go.
In the end we mourned a star to die.

Dying sun, where do you go?
Nowhere fast, nowhere fast.
Dwarfing sun, dwarfing star,
Your core burns to steel now,
And now you burn, now you fade,
A star has died!

Long ago, there lived a star this place
Into iron she faint
To some foreign sky Limbo,
And the Winds of Void again will flow,
But the winds of sun, they died.


Face the stars, this moment is yours;
Lost in space, so far you may find your grace
Anytime, anyway you now see a true lie.
Infinity, a Lord now silently dies.

Back in time, you drowned in the maze
The pit is closed to last, you may lose your race,
Intertime, counterwise you just dream a true lie.
Virginity, your life now forever cries...

Face the star, the moment is lost,
Cold in space, far out, in the void you died.
Into Time, draw the line, you now are a true lie,
Infinity, your Lord now forlorned his grace.

FATE... 1990/08/23

Systems to decline, slaughters countdown's on
Rockets off to nowhere, cities to crumb, time's fast
Another second died dryly and the last Lady burns.

Claws to sharpen now, first move is to be the last
Worry not the number of the beast, sore you not to see your face
Come the grace in time, this gun you hold is not your mind.

Run the game to death, this race is not yet won
Merry go round just paused but will go many more turns
Shake bad dreams and breathe, give way to gain the pace
Dark souls and broken hearts to blaze, do no look behind...

FILLIES 1987/10/26

Thinking about it afterwards just looks insane
Don't you know woman I'm working it down to the bone.
Thinking about it may someday drive your life free
We're all waiting, sister, for the day you'll dance and live,

It's been such a long time to wait for the levee
We laugh and jump around you while you're breaking free,
Feel the warmth and pride of our hearts to look at you now
Can you believe there was a time we all were just dying
DYING! Oh Fillies!


For I'm just a man, a man, I'm just a man, a man
Oh Fillies, Fillies, Fillies, Fillies, Fillies,
And it's my deed, my doom, my work, my privilege,
Oh Fillies, Fillies, Fillies, Fillies, Fillies,


Fond de Verre ~1993

Lapidés loisirs d'un soir de fête, au village sont arrivés
Ces vengeurs de l'ennui, nés de la misère et du vin...
La jeune vie qui rêvait et palpitait dans sa jolie robe neuve
Ses espoirs, ses futurs et ses nuits, les ont pris d'un coup de poing,

Puis, de sang, de larmes et de foutre, ont craché le nouveau tableau
Pauvre graffiti de merde, sale colique gerbée à l'arrière d'une caisse,

D'une caisse de clous bâtir une vierge de fer,
D'un litre d'alcool noyer les vertiges des profondeurs,
D'un calibre douze rayer l'écrin du joyau lacéré...
Regarde la marcher maintenant quand, à l'abri du soir, elle sort,

Regarde la se traîner, triste albatros mazouté sur la grève.
Regarde la plonger encore
Regarde-toi plonger.

Haunted House. ~1991/12

You want so much from me
(heart attack a comin')
You dream too much for me
(Sex is just a mad axe)
You mean so much to me
(doesn't make a living)
You make so cool in me
(don't you say you're leaving!)

You were my only love
And don't you know
You were the dream made complete
And now I'm under fire

You made me born again
And there I'm laying
You made the nightmare come true
Oh God! I'm only learning...

And now the end is near
I have to draw the final curtain
Though, friends I had a few,
then, again...

HIGHER 1994/02/04

Killer to eternity,
when you fall in your heart rests a lie...
Liar, in the pit your doom,
show the force in your arms match your Tales.

Wrecker to your only eye,
when you yell in your voice is a curse.
Dancer at the ball of void,
show us grace and your stories will last.

Diving into fire, my love will burn
Lying in a deep hole, these words will live.

We wanted the stars, and we couldn't find them
We stormed thru the void with but an empty dream for faith
We needed an eathly planet to set the seeds of some future
We seeked, we searched, we tried and found a place!

Carve on the steel your chants
and the raven will fly to spread more.
Deep in the lake to hide
the swords and the slaughters rest unveiled.

And in the deep and long, you will fly a-gain
Higher, higher, higher, higher...

I DIED, NOT YOU 1991/09/24

I spent some time trying to live a simple life.
And I'm sorry to have to tell you I must say goodbye.
I really have to quit and just now.
For I'd like not to hurt or kill you.

I just can't stand this anymore, though I really really tried.
This way is not mine and I know it for sure by now, not mine.
This man I see who lived this life, may you remember him again
For like he was dead he's gone and my last self is now to go.

You know I tried and I'm sure I was loving you.
But now he died and I'm on the leave, not you.
We had our share in good, I would not think to the bad.
We had our moment,
but I know the Hill of the Skull is washed by driving rain.

I really would have liked to stay,
It's not that easy to die this way.
I'd like you not to judge me dirty
It is only, somewhere on this road, I died, not you.

Or did you ?

Cent mille ans.

Et ce regard qui m'emporte au loin dans tes yeux
Est-il une idée d'un monde à nous deux ?

Ces chants que j'entends, ces scènes que tu sens
Sont-ils d'autres rêves, d'autres yeux dans nos nuits ?

Et ce parfum de soufre que je trouve en tes songes
Est-il ton odeur qu'au passé je connus ?

En cette nuit de glace il y a cent mille ans.
Dans cette grotte de feu que tous deux nous conçûmes
Dans cet antre de feux qui tous deux nous consument.

Mais ce rivage blanc que je goûte ici-bas
N'a-t'il autre amertume que ce temps trop perdu.

Alors, ce jour j'écris, quand tous mes sens m'oublient
Car maintenant je vais pour toujours,
toujours, aimer.

Cette nuit de glace, il y a cent mille ans
Notre première nuit, il y a cent mille ans.

I don't believe in politics... 1994/12/24

Suicide someday will do the trick
Another way to get in or get out, gettin' off...
And this ain't no way trying a long distance call, oh no!
Not even doing an even game, you know I don't play your league.

This will lead somebody to Hell (or Grace?)
Don't you know that in the streets it's bloody cold?
Can't you guess outside is a place to go, not to live?
And though I'm living there I'm not breaking thru your home... (Think about it!)
Not yet...

Then, if you feel like as long as I live I prosecute you
try and think I'm the one in the cold and rain, just sue your World
And in the end, take another suit, it's getting dangerous here tonight
For if the world you admit is that world that says it's a war,
War it is,

Holy war for us. and we won't give up
This holy war, next turn you're in
One side to win, one side to cry
One side to cry, one side to die...

Besides, I don't believe in politics...

LOST CONTROL 1989/11/18


Brothers and sisters... We all,
From time to time, have to break loose...
So I decided to write a song about it,
This song, called " Lost Control ! "

Goin' outta bounds, it's a Saturday night
Actin' mean and feelin'the same---
Stayin' clean when I hit the lights
Gettin' hungry, never had a real meal,

It's been a little mean... A bit too long---

Doin' lotta sound on Saturday night
Playin' lean and drinkin' the same---
Blowing scenes when I hit the streets
Growin' hungry, never had a real meal !

It's been a little mean... A bit too long!

Would it really explain ? I Lost Control!

Oh me, oh my--- I Lost Control...

Howlin' like a hound on saturday night
Stinkin'gin and spillin' the same !
Turnin' green when I lit the lights
Fuckin' Hungry, still ain't got no meal---

It's sure a little mean ! A bit too long...

Burstin'like a bomb in your Saturday night
Flyin' a green strike, showin' off my name
Crushin'bones as I hit the streets,
Still I'm hungry. Is that what'ya call MEAL???

MERCY 1990/09/19

What's that you call pity and I say it's hatred,
Why d'ya pray for mercy I call it a mockery.

I'd call you a liar when you tell me about it
And don't you try to lay me but buy me a drink.

We sure can be friends love, if you got the dough
And you may love me too, in case you're a good go.


I liked you so much honey, I left with all your gear
And don't you cry for mercy, told you what'was for me.

Give more now I came back, what about this gelt?
Promises you made to me and I still wait dry dead,

Seems you learned a lot now, chuck I love your style,
Then I guess I'd better go, and find a new target.

Midnight Sun ~1991

You were on the bridge of this boat I sailed,
You felt softly sea-sick, I felt so far away,
Far away, from your eyes, far away,
So far away, under the midnight sun.
Here, with you...

You, ice and snow, when we slow,
I can't help loving you.
Slow, here we go, when wind blows
I can't help leaving you.

You were on the deck of the boat I sailed,
You were softly sea-sick, I was so far away,
Far away, from your lies, far away,
To the North, under the midnight sun...


I saw my fame front page in the news of the World,
(blastpipes noise)
Mourning comes to Earth.

Can't you tell the right from wrong
Can't you say the truth in a lie
Do you still believe in the stars so far
Have you heard last night in the void
They met a starship coming forth.

It is a glorious day for mankind,
We shot!

I saw my fame front page in the news of the World,
Mourning comes to Earth.

This is a world I lived for a time restless
In the chambers of my court people laughed.

Said the fool to the fools, and a trial by fury
Was the answer of the dog of war to the gods.

Mourning comes to Earth.

March on! cried the prophets and the priestess
Die hard was the answer from the skies.

In a dying world it is hard to complain
But the lame only will render without fate;

As this shame is not only mine I give you the keys
Of this planet I'd got bored, you can have it to pieces.

I saw my fate front page in the News to be sold,
Mourning becomes Earth.

NOT TO PLEASE 1990/08/23

Happiness to me is a dungeon beating my heart
A very dark place in my universe
When I am a painter my pieces are rankling sores, paint in blood
When I am a musician my notes are fists in your face.
Not to please is my most desire,
An emergency to know you're crazy happy to survive.

When I am a lawyer I plead for joy to be thrown to rats.
They'd tell me a craven and tell me a bastard, dirty beast...

Anguish is my name and they'd call me jinxter
And I'd be your scapegoat, another Christ, face reverse.

Then you are thru with me and come and take me to the gallow's pole
Then my neck on the knot I rot while exposed to every child gaze
And in my hands is a bill
And on the bill you read


Nouvelle lune ~1998

Je m'arrangeais de la vie, je passais souvent dans les grandes cités.
J'y voyais la mort, la crasse et l'envie, je m'arrangeais de mes nuits.
Je dormais trop souvent dans des lieux très fabriqués, très fatigués.

Je mettais dans ces coins le stupide et l'ennui, t'y croirais pas, ça se raconte pas.
Je stockais des images absurdes sur cette bande infinie qui croupit dans mon crâne.

J'ouvrais les yeux, parfois.

Des destins de rois qui s'arrêtent contre un mur, j'en ai vu des forêts, j'en peux plus de compter !
Toutes ces traces de sang se voient mal sur ce fond de briques fané. Je tague et je passe.
J'en ai plus des histoires, pas le temps de pleurer, même pas le coeur à rire, jamais.

Je te donne un conseil que t'enfonces où tu veux: ne sors plus de ta cave, tu risquerais d'exister.
Trop d'images trop crades se disputent mes nerfs, trop de morts et d'adieux, trop d'amis sont enfouis.
C'est ce rouge passé qui repeint mon regard, c'est ce sang de la vie qui pourrit mon hublot.

J'ai en poche un billet, toi tu dis «c'est du fric», j'ai aussi un couteau qui me dit trop d'histoires.
Cette nuit je suis bon et veux te faire un cadeau: pile ou face, une chance sur deux...

Ferme les yeux, et, dis :

J'ouvrais les yeux, parfois.


Nous allions quelquefois sur le parking brisé.
Dans les brumes du fleuve nous jouions à la guerre.
C'est ici que je meurtris mon premier officier.
C'est ainsi que j'appris le goût du sang des gradés.

Souvenirs apocryphes, mémoires entrelacés.
Souvenirs lézardés, mémoires hypnotiques.

Je le jure, j'ai vécu ce que j'ai rêvé.
Je le jure. J'ai vécu tous mes rêves.

Nous allons quelquefois sur le parking brisé.
Alors tout recommence, nous n'aurons jamais de trêve.
Et là, là je pourfends, mes seuls vrais cauchemars.
C'est ainsi que je veux, à jamais, exister----

Je le jure, j'ai vécu ce que j'ai rêvé.
Je le jure. J'ai vécu tous mes rêves.

Mais, si je meurs à présent, c'est peut-être
De n'avoir jamais rêvé ce que j'ai vécu...


Sommelier en SOMALIE ~1993

J'étais sommelier en Somalie,
Ma candeur pudique
Te sommait d'assumer
Ta candide pudeur.
Cette moiteur impudique
D'une torpeur maléfique
Stupéfiait ma vigueur
Lancinante de stupre.

Sommelier en Somalie. J'ai soif, je somatise.
Sommelier en Somalie. J'ai soif, je somatise.

Comateuse esclave
D'une langueur héroïque,
L'érotique mateuse
Enclavait ma longueur.

J'étais sommelier en Somalie
Lutinant l'alitée.
Ses cils salés m'assoiffaient
Saline suave à sucer.


Woe to the dice he made, thrown for Hell or Fame.
Big knights tonight'll die, Blood is to be spilled insane.

Building brick on bones, a Castle so dark and high,
No one'll dare to venture, See, the land mists are rising--
While you wait on the door---

Will he try, will he knock this door ?
Will he dare or will he go a--way---

Lost on the land. Should he go another way ?

Mists are growin' fast. Lost warriors you hear their cries.
Will you decide your fate ? Your rusty sword tells it's too late.
Doom inborne in bricks, this castle's of rock and lies...
Standin' still thru ages. Land mists again are rising,
While you dried facing the Door----

Would you wake, would you break this Spell ?
Are you dead or just faden a--way---
Stillborn of the land------------------

The cold never rusts the least ~1993

Unleash our chains,
Relieves us of pain.
This war is cold and crazy
For the craziest are the holiest
And the cold never rusts the least.

These bows and swords they gave to us
Were the instruments of their high revenge,
And the mists they spread on battlefields
Were only there to hide their grins to us.

Fight for the stars,
Fight while it is time.
Pray to the spirits,
The ancient lore may help.
Odihnn, Thor, Loptr, come!

And liber us from stupidity.
And give us this day our nightly mead.
And forgive us your trespasses,
May your stories never rot...


Oh yeah!

See the killer on the stage, he wants the world to burn
And his voice of hail and thunder takes the lead.
"If you're believing Me, I can believe in you"
Now sing this prayer,

Take me, take me to the vault
Save me, lead me to see more

See... At the end of the storm there's a flame,
Would you come inside Now!
Look. All the stars, so bright, they burn in there
And the name of the planet is Rock.

Have we prayed so long to You,
And our dreams will not come true... No?

Now the killer for His Name has tuned in Holy fame
And the veil of sorrow fades away...
You would believe in Him, He won't deceive!
Ah ah ah ah ah!
He won't deceive... No! Get back!


Il y avait ici une rivière,
ici était la maison, ici le jardin.
Ici j'ai marché, regardé la Lune. les nuées,
Senti les herbes écouté les grillons.

Et sur cet arrêt d'autoroute aujourd'hui,
Doucement j'insère les contacteurs dans le pain de plastic;
Tendrement je connecte la pile; comme avant, dans mes jeux;
Et le train fantôme dans ma main, oh!
En voiture s'il vous plaît!

ici l'ai forgé mon enfance
ici j'ai couru et j'ai grimpé, et plongé encore.
Ici mes cousins et cousines m'ont donné la soif de l'autre,
L'envie de parler, le besoin de bouger.

Juste là, cette décharge chimique brûle mes souvenirs
Et là cette urne à déchets. là où je cachais mes livres...
Alors je me permets un soupir et je double la dose,
Et ce nouveau train de mort dans ma main, je le revois.

Jamais je ne pardonnerai ce "jamais" imposé sur mes rêves,
Et toujours jusqu'au bout, je frapperai la main qui meurtrit.
Et toi. toi le cadavre qui a sali ma rivière, mes herbes,
Toi! Tiens toi bien, choisis ton terrain, tes témoins.

WISHING WELL (Disgrace) ~1989-90

Long time I am alone, tell me what has gone
in the winds of no return.

Lonely nights to stay inside of the garden,
wishing well in the maze, some gold for grace.

Some signs I read on walls make me think a
war is on but the world ignores to face.

Death may confound my trace, lets call it a day
I draw the line where no beast stomps my disgrace...

My disgrace!

Disgrace is what here you call a heart,
Disgrace inside and disgrace outside.
Disgrace in me 'cause I really loved you
and I didn't want of my hatred to kill you.

YOUR FATE 1990/12/3-4

Will I decide your fate as you live again out of time
I love to glide in grace, will you find the way to the stars ?

Shocked against this wall you made real
When one second lasts a lifetime and more
I have needs you know and not the least
Wish I knew the spell to swap places...

Do you know I really, really want you
To try my power again and turn you to pieces
It's been such a long time here inside
But this game is the one, the one I have you

Down here to your knees.

And you are,

Chocking there you wish it's unreal
Eyeballs are up frying you cry it's a frame
Anything you will know I turn it to beast
Slash around your face and wet the lace

Can you feel I really got you, got you !
And live my powers again here you to live this
You will suck the bricks to the core
Till the game ends and this one I had you, I had you

Down inside the nerves... And...I...

I decided of your fate, you will live forever out of Time
And learn the glide and grace, and find your way to the stars...





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