The noughties




Here are the lyrics written or mind-typed in the Y2K's

Welcome to the era of phoning fridges, thumbdisks, ecstasy, needles.
The moon was too close and it is now time to pretend we're going to meet aliens.
The faded lights never were lit up again and we know the fallen wall was just repaint, coincidence (or not I would say) a new Disco era is on the way.


Storm inside 2005/11/11

There's a storm inside
Is it borderline?

Did I close my eyes
Or they shut the doors?
It is Dark...

Here at peace
In the slaughterhouse.
Number six; sixty nine species lost

Here's this storm again.
Guess I've jumped your guns,
Did they close the halls,
Or I'd close my eyes?
Come the Dark.
And I need
Another night in another tower and again;
More and more I can build my doom and yours.
Though in the darkness, we lords cry, and again.

It is Dark...

Blue Like The Wind. (Summer 2003)

There was this special moment of you
When I was blue like the wind.

Then it was a very special color to you
When I sam you turn your heels and flee.

That was off time
That moment off our life
That turned in and out of love,
And us,
Like statues in the wintergarden
Blue, like the wind.

Blue Clouds are for Free (Summer 2003)

Can you believe the face of truth when slamming it in ?
Can you stand the tense of wrath when slippin' it in ?
One only fate is free for sure
One only color is here for free
I am drowning in into clouds, all blue.

Blue Whales don't Smoke. (Summer 2003)

Far out, in the seas of ancient lore
Small sparks of many tons are swimming.
Our Lords, forgotten waves of faith
They cross the oceans in blue coated.
Cloaked in smoke but a breathe they give
Smile, the water tomb, for you, for me.
They pace the seas, in blue they cry.

Blue Is Deeper Here (Summer 2003)

Remember this pub, outfit off the suburbs,
Had a pint or two, had a game on darts, and a pint,
Another draught, and a smile, and a pint.
Memories can hold you back for a long time,
This kind of blues is always deeper here.

Blue May Turn To Black (Summer 2003)

Lone on the stage, ride my guitar and sing.
Sing the old time sores, sing along.
Lone on the strings, to break then I feel
Lights to fade and sounds to die into darkness

May it, may it turn it on and on and
May it someway turn it on into black
I'm all blue in the dark.

Blue Smoke Cools Down (Summer 2003)

Reggae, man, just it. And a poke... A beach, some friends, a guitar, sun, my sea.

Blue Notes Can Help The Lost Souls (Summer 2003)

Back to the wall, you're alone and so are we.
Get this fist outta your mouth and say the cries.
Back stuck to the wall, don't even dare to creep the floor
Get this blue note in your ears and fly,
This is a new sky
To you, lost soul.

Blue Random Atatürk (Summer 2003)

Hey hey, my my, rock'n'roll
can never, can never die, never die...

Blue Streak Is For Slow Hands (Summer 2003)

Though the thin allusion to Clapton, in the title, this almost "hard" blues is mainly based on the idea of FZ playing with "The Sweet".
Unlike what many listeners thought, there's only one guitar playing, in one take, the use of this "à la FZ" pick holding gives enough strength to the harmonic stretching.

Bluesome Doom (Summer 2003)

Into the darkest dent.
A raging and melancolic ballad, not to be served to ears that fear dissonants and harmonics. The result may seem an easy game but I swear that a clean coordination of both hands is required for this kind of chorus not to sound flat...

Blue Salamander. (Summer 2003)

An inch, a tail, head off legs, intense meditation.
Strung up, off tail, and another tree dies of shame.
River deep, this pond is my lore.
Saw a man long ago, very sad story they are.
No mutation, no will, they just live, then die.
No color, nothing but a very pale belief.

Blue Seas (Summer 2003)

Intricate those thoughts through lies they have
Hide, do hide as much as they seek, they do shoot.
This goo in food has hundred years of human race in it.
Commissioners, go-betweens, these singers are.
Can't they really sing, can't they swim?
Here, deep, waiting.
Thar' she blows, thar' she blows!





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