The twonkies




Here are the new efforts I'm attempting for the third slice of years in the XXIst

Welcome to the still improving blurb of more and more soshallow networks, poisonous minded governing bad clowns though one may seem on the edge of warping, N/S war second serving improving minutemen after minutemen.
One car in the sky and too many bugs in too many ovens and still nothing to cook in these.
The new Disco era aims a new loudness wars using boing'n'gawin on synth vox but yet again a trap'd case of oozing herpes.

Still no news of Bon Jovi band! Am I getting anxious?


Blue Notes Can Help The Lost Souls 2020/10
You could hear it seventeen years ago in the "A Dirty Dozen" album, here born again with the vivid help and inspiration of Elric (aka 3B)

Back to the wall, you're alone and so are we.
Get this fist outta your mouth and say the cries.
Back stuck to the wall, don't even dare to creep the floor
Get this blue note in your ears and fly,
This is a new sky
To you, lost soul.

Instrumental impro in 2003 (part of the CD "A Dirty Dozen") this is now a full version for 2020 by courtesy of Elric (aka 3B) who jumped himself into the fire of composing and playing real bass and keys parts with his own bare fingers on keyboards.

Saint-Tinnitus Dance, One 2021/06
The foolish desire to share my tinnitus to the world so they will be aware and have an educated choice ;)

Composer: Loki Harfagr
Conductor: Loki Harfagr and Saint Tinnitus
Description: Painting my tinnitus in sounds to be accessible to others.

Tracking was made with Ardour 6.7
Mixing and Mastering made with Mixbus-32C V7.0.150

tracks are:
- One finger-picked guitar take on DI, using direct in excellent KPP-OD and KPP-preamp plugins
- ACE Fluid Synth. (Orchestral bass strings, 2 tracks)
- Monique (mono synth, 2 tracks)
- Fluida (choir synth, 1 track)
- Noize Mak3r (noize synth, 1 track)
- Sitala (Drum sampsynth, 1 track)

- Video goofing concept: Dark Design & St Tinnitus.
- (Graphic & video tools: Gimp, projectM-jack, apitrace, ffmpeg, Olive)

Danse de Sainte Acouphène. Ière partie.

Une tentative délicate de partager mes acouphènes au vaste monde afin que chacun puisse être "aware" et faire ses choix (par exemple faut-il rester à portée de cymbale d'un batteur, doit-on vraiment porter des protections d'oreilles sur scène ou choisir entre un casque Beates et un vrai casque ou à quoi servent les crans inférieurs à 11 sur le potard de volume) raisonnés

Compo: Loki Harfagr
Instrumentation: Loki Harfagr et Sainte Acouphène
Enregistré avec Ardour 6.7
Mix et master avec Mixbus-32C V7.0.150
- SG jeu aux doigts, prise via DI et monitoring/entrée directe à travers les excellents greffons KPP-OD et KPP-preamp
- ACE Fluid Synth. (Orchestral bass strings, 2 tracks)
- Monique (mono synth, 2 tracks)
- Fluida (choir synth, 1 track)
- Noize Mak3r (noize synth, 1 track)
Conception et Charcutage Vidéo : Dark Design & St Tinnitus.
- (outils : Gimp, projectM-jack, apitrace, ffmpeg, Olive)





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