The Dark Design

Here is a repository of several works of the band

You're now at ground zero and, to browse the content of this deposit you'll have to have a choice in the menu on the left side of the screen. As for today the sorting is made per decade of years, I may change it sometime to try another more content-aware kind of a sort but, that's a start ;-)

You'll find here as much lyrics we could save from the different removals, flees and floods, and they'll be pinned here as fast as I can type (and correct the typos from the ones that had to be OCR'd ;-)

Some day in the future most every text printed here will be a link to an audio file (rehearsal or final take) of the given song, be prepared, but be prepared to be patient as we all know what "work in progress" may mean.

Until then you may find a few of the audio files already here as well as some other audio and other stuff, including comments, at the good old previous main site:

Dark Design, A Dirty Dozen

or the more obnoxious Sound Cloud:

Please note that many of the audio material here was or will be excerpted from the grave as many of the original tapes were lost in the sands of time while the ones still present all suffer from various diseases like tape stretches, tape burns, tape paths soiled, and of course original takes or copies were not all of a high quality
Still, the main meaning of these pages is not to build a mausoleum but to simply give a chance for people playing music and being shy to realize that they won't ever make it as long as they believe that critics kills or that to look ridiculous to some people is letal.
Well, at least I don't remember being dead ;D)

When you're finished if you want to relax a bit, you'd like to have a look at this site:

to be read freely before someone patent the alphabet or whatever, I'm lucky my cousin just did patent the numbers.

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